Fatui Agent

Fatui Agents
Fatui Agents
TypeElite Enemies
Elemental PowersPyro
DescriptionFatui Agent are a type of Fatui enemy in Genshin Impact. For now there’s only one Fatui Agent shown in the game, Pyro Agents.

Fatui Agent in Game Archive Description

A Fatui secret agent. The duty of a Fatui agent is to settle debts — but not only those of a monetary or goods-in-kind nature.

They also ensure dues are paid when it comes to the principle of “an eye for an eye.” If there is one thing the Fatui are not known for, it is leniency, and whoever dares to oppose them will invoke the full force of their wrath upon them.

Fatui Agent Information Via Game Archive
Fatui Agent information via game archive

Fatui Agent Attack and Abilities

  • Invisibility: Pyro Agents can turn invisible a few seconds after being aggroed by the player, but their silhouette may remain visible under certain conditions, and their footsteps will show up on certain terrain as well.
  • Slash: At melee range, Pyro Agents can slash or stab their target with a swift knife blow, dealing heavy amounts of physical damage.
  • Spinning Knife Guard: Pyro Agents can create 3 rapidly spinning pyro knives in a wide circle around them, dealing Pyro damage to players hit by them.
  • Dash attack: While invisible and out of melee range, Pyro Agents can perform a quick dash towards the player and slash them, dealing heavy damage.
  • Shadow Strike: While out of melee range, Pyro Agents can use their silhouette to strike at the player to inflict moderate damage.
  • Pyro Clone Charge: Pyro Agents create a clone of themselves with each attack. Once six clones are on the field, the clones will circle the player before charging at them in sequence, with the Pyro Agent performing a final strike from above. via fatui agents in fandom.com.

Material Drops

Fatui Agent are highly sought because of these 3 material. The materials are widely used for weapon ascension, character ascension, and talent and skill upgrade.

Material Hunter's Sacrificial KnifeHunter’s Sacrificial KnifeMaterial Agent's Sacrificial KnifeAgent’s Sacrificial KnifeMaterial Inspector's Sacrificial KnifeInspector’s Sacrificial Knife

Fatui Agent Farming Location With Map

Fatui Agent Location In Mondstadt, Mingyun Village, and Yoaguang Shoal

  1. The only pyro agent can be found in Mondstadt. Located near teleport waypoint entrance to Dragonspine.
  2. Located near teleport waypoint in Mingyun Village. Can be found under the tree, will invisible until player get close.
  3. Can be found under the tree in Yoanguang Shoal, easy to spot.
Fatui Agents Location In Mondstadt Mingyun Village And Yoaguang Shoal
Fatui Agent Location In Mondstadt Mingyun Village And Yoaguang Shoal

Fatui Agent Location In Liyue

All Fatui Agent in this map are pretty easy to spot. It’s a good thing that almost all Fatui Agent are located pretty close to teleport waypoint.

Only one note though. number 4 can be found inside the tunnel along with some deposits of Crystal Chunk.

Fatui Agents Location In Liyue
Fatui Agent Location In Liyue

Fatui Agent in Inazuma?

Yes there’s some Fatui Agent in Inazuma as well, but not as many. So I think covering Mondstadt and Liyue map is more than enough.

But if you insist, there’s some Agent in Tatarasuna area. And 1 Agent can be found together with Fatui Mirror Maiden in Narukami Island. More information please read: Fatui Mirror Maiden Locations in Inazuma.