Crystal Chunk

Forging Crystal Chunk
Crystal Chunk
Main CategoryMaterial
Sub CategoryForging Material
DescriptionAn uncut crystal. Only professional craftsmanship can bring out its true value.

In Game Archive Description

An uncut crystal. Only professional craftsmanship can bring out its true value. This kind of limpid rocks is a precious gift of the land, which can be utilized as a valuable weapon-making material.


Crystal Chunk are used to forge craftable weapons, mystic enhancement stone, and to craft some gadget in alchemy table. Here’s all weapons and items that require Crystal Chunk in the making:

Craftable Weapon

Bow Compound Bow Compound BowCatalyst Mappa Mare
Mappa Mare
Claymore Prototype Archaic
Prototype Archaic
Polearm Crescent PikeCrescent PikeSword Iron Sting
Iron Sting
Catalyst Frostbearer
Polearm Dragonspine SpearDragonspine SpearBow Prototype Crescent Prototype CrescentCatalyst Prototype AmberPrototype AmberClaymore WhiteblindWhiteblind
Polearm Prototype Starglitter
Prototype Starglitter
Sword Prototype Rancour
Prototype Rancour
Claymore Snow Tombed Starsilver
Snow Tombed Starsilver

Non Weapon Items

Item Anemoculus Resonance StoneAnemoculus Resonance StoneItem Geoculus Resonance StoneGeoculus Resonance StoneItem Portable WaypointPortable WaypointForge Mystic Enhancement OreMystic Enhancement Stone
Item Anemo Treasure CompassAnemo treasure CompassItem Geo Treasure CompassGeo Treasure CompassGadget Wind CatcherWind Catcher 

Easy Way to Get Crystal Chunk Part 1: Expeditions

Ongoing Expeditions In Mondstadt
Ongoing Expeditions In Mondstadt Map

Expedition is the easiest way to get cooking and forging material, this including Crystal Chunk. Just by assigning character to certain location player are guaranteed to get 7-8 Crystal Chunk, assuming player choose 20 hours option.

As for tips to optimize amount of material from expedition, choose 20 hours (longest) expedition time and use characters with passive to reduce amount of time by 25% as listed below:

Bennett BennettBennett Talent - It Should Be Safe...
It Should Be Safe…
When dispatched on an expedition in Mondstadt, time consumed is reduced by 25%.
Fischl FischlFischl Talent - Mein Hausgarten
Mein Hausgarten
When dispatched on an expedition in Mondstadt, the time consumed is reduced by 25%.
ChongyunChongyunChongyun Talent - Gallant Journey
Gallant Journey
When dispatched on an expedition in Liyue, time consumed is reduced by 25%.
Character Keqing
Keqing Talent - Land's Overseer
Land’s Overseer
When dispatched on an expedition in Liyue, time consumed is reduced by 25%.

Best Way to Get Crystal Chunk Part 2: Farming and Exploration

When players exploring the map of Liyue and Mondstadt, sometimes they will stumbleupon ore and other materials. To get the ore that you need, in this case Crystal Chunk. You will need character with claymore to break ore deposit easily.

Yes you can use other melee weapon user like sword or polearm, but it will take too long and won’t be as effective as claymore user.

As for other tips, if you have them bring Zhongli to easily break multiple ore deposit with his elemental skill (Dominus Lapidis) and Ningguang to detect ore deposit location in minimap with her passive (Trove of Marvelous Treasures).

Here’s all recommended spot in the map to farm Crystal Chunk:


Stormbearer Mountains

The first recommended location in Mondstadt is Stormbearer Mountains.

Crystal Chunk Map Stormbearer Mountains
Stormbearer Mountains Farming Route

Hillchurl Camp Southeast of Springvale

Second location, cave in the Hillchurl camp near Valey of Remembrance, South East of Springvale. Just one spot, but packed with some ores and crystal chunks.

Crystal Chunk Map Hillchurl Camp Southeast Of Springvale
Hillchurl Camp Southeast Of Springvale


Third location is scattered across Wolvendom area. As for route, I would recommend to start from Anemo Statue near Dawn Winery. From there, you can just follow farming route below:

Crystal Chunk Map Wolvendom Farming Route
Wolvendom Farming Route

Stormterror Lair

The last farming location map in Mondstadt is Stormterror Lair. There’s no recommended farming route for this one since the crystal chunks scattered pretty close to each other.

Usually I start from southernmost teleport waypoint, and then start running west to clear crystals in the edge of the map, walk north and then taking all crystals in the middle of the map.

Crystal Chunk Map Stormterror Lair
Stormterror Lair Map


Treasure Hoarder Camp South Of Qingce Village

The first recommended location is treasure hoarder camp in south of Qingce Village. Start from marked teleport waypoint and then climb, you will find 2 spot full with crystal chunk deposit. There’s Treasure Hoarder camp in that area, so be ready for a fight.

Treasure Hoarder Camp South Of Qingce Village
Treasure Hoarder Camp, South Of Qingce Village

Guyun Stone Forest

Second location is in Guyun Stone Forest. First go to north teleport waypoint and get some chunks from the area.

Second starting point, teleport to Domain of Guyun and then follow the designated route. Beware though, in the last spot there’s Geovishap Hatchling guarding the spot so be ready for a fight.

Crystal Chunk Route Guyun Stone Forest
Guyun Stone Forest

Southern Liyue

We are covering wider map this time since the spots are pretty close to each other. It’s in Southern part of Liyue and there’s 6 starting point for route.

Follow the number and route from marked location, tap the image for bigger visual.

Crystal Chunks Route Southern Liyue
6 Route of Crystal Chunks Farming in Southern Liyue

Tianqiu Valley and Luhua Pool Area

There’s 4 starting area, pick whichever you like to start. If you need bigger visual, tap the image to zoom.

Crystal Chunk Map For Tianqiu Valley And Luhua Pool
Tianqiu Valley And Luhua Pool Farming Route

Jueyun Karst, Qingyun Peak, and Mt. Aozang

The last one is a bit messy. From all 8 starting point you can start from whichever spot you like. Tap the image for bigger visual.

Crystal Chunk Map Route For Jueyun Karst Qingyun Peak And Mt. Aozang
Jueyun Karst Qingyun Peak And Mt. Aozang

Q&A Regarding Crystal Chunks Farming

First Question

Q : How long did it take to get all crystal chunks in the whole map by following the route above (Mondstadt and Liyue)?

A : 2 to 3 hours if I’m full focusing on farming solo. I’m playing Genshin Impact in PC and have Zhongli for faster farming. Some people might clear the whole map faster or slower depending on loading screen, connection, characters to use, etc.

Second Question

Q: Considering that some spot only have 1 crystal chunk deposit, is it worth to farm the whole map as instructed above?

A: Depend on situation. Do you need crystal chunk that bad, and fast? Do you have free time?

If you have free time and desperately need Crystal chunk like I was. I would recommend to explore the whole map. If the answer is no then just farm the spot with most crystal chunk icon in the map.

Third Question

Q: Some of route in Liyue map is a bit messy. Some route in the map didn’t go to the closest ore deposit but instead go to the farther one.

A: It’s my personal farming route so it’s come back to personal preference. Also, Liyue mountain range is not same as Mondstadt, sometimes it may look closer in the map but on the field you will need to climb the whole mountain, and so on.