Hunters Sacrificial Knife

Material Hunters Sacrificial KnifeHunters Sacrificial KnifeCategoryMaterial
SourceFatui Agents

Item Description

A sharp alloy weapon. Though its owner has been lost, it still reflects a disturbingly cold light.

Usage: Weapon Ascension

This material are used widely for weapon ascension or upgrade material. Here’s all weapon using Hunters Sacrificial Knife as ascension material:

Bow Blackcliff WarbowBlackcliff WarbowBow RustRustBow SlingshotSlingshotCatalyst Solar PearlSolar PearlCatalyst Blackcliff AgateBlackcliff AgateCatalyst Emerald OrbEmerald Orb
Claymore Lithic BladeLithic BladeClaymore WhiteblindWhiteblindPolearm Primordial Jade Winged SpearPrimordial Jade Winged Polearm Crescent PikeCrescent PikePolearm White TasselWhite TasselSword Summit ShaperSummit Shaper
Sword Lion's RoarLion’s RoarSword Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff LongswordSword Dark Iron SwordDark Iron Sword   

Where to Get Hunters Sacrificial Knife?

This ascension material can be obtained by defeating Fatui Pyro Agent. More information: Fatui Agent Locations and Farming Guide