Fish Medaka
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFruit Paste Bait


A lively, energetic fish famous for its flowery patterns.
Most such creatures lived out their lives peacefully as ornamental fish. But when it was discovered that their meat was flavorful, less bony, and very fatty, they would also come to find themselves carefully prepared and served up on meal tables.

Medaka Fishing Locations

Fishing Location South of MondstadtCider lake, teleport to Springvale teleport waypoint for faster acess.
Fishing Location in DragonspineThe only fishing location in Dragonspine. At the lake, northwest of the Starglow Cavern’s Teleport Waypoint
Fishing Location in WindriseWindrise, south of Statue of the Seven.
Fishing Location North Side of Stormterrors LairNorth side of Stormterror Lair
Fishing Location South Side of Stormterrors Lair South side of Stormterror Lair
Fishing Location in Mt AocangMt Aocang, in front of Cloud Retainer Abode