Fish Pufferfish
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFake Fly Bait


Round and short pelvic fins, a plump body, and a plain face make up most people’s first impression of the pufferfish. This is by and large an accurate assessment of its character as well: dull, slow, and lazy. However, few people know that this rather silly exterior hides a killer technique — this fish is capable of sucking water into its body before expelling it like a cannon from its mouth with such force and pinpoint accuracy that even fishermen might be stunned by it. Truly, it is a first-rate killer in the water.

“Pufferfish ahead? Watch for spittle!” — Angler’s Atlas, Pufferfish Chapter

Pufferfish Fishing Locations

Fishing Location South of MondstadtCider lake, teleport to Springvale teleport waypoint for faster acess.
Fishing Location near Dawn WinerySmall island near Dawn Winery. Teleport to Ridge Watch domain and walk north to reach this location fast.
Fishing Location in Liyue HarborShore near Liyue harbor.
Fishing Location in RitouRitou, at the docks
Fishing Location East of Koseki VillageEast of Koseki Village, Seirai Island