Rusty Koi

Fish Rusty Koi
Rusty Koi
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFake Fly Bait


A large fish said to be the descendant of dragons.
This is a variant species of Koi, and is sometimes termed the “awakened dragon” amongst them. In stark contrast to its rather shabby appearance, the Rusty Koi has shed its opulent gold tabard in exchange for a hard armor of rusty bronze. Very strong-willed, it will fight any interloper that dares to steal its food or enter its territory. In terms of pure fighting capability, it is even a match for smaller sea monsters and has thus been given the nickname “Ironbone Dragon” in honor of its strength, which is considered the backbone of its species’ future revitalization.

Rusty Koi Fishing Location

Fishing Location East of MondstadtEast of Mondstadt, head to teleport waypoint outside Mondstadt for faster acess
Fishing Location in West of Wangshu InnAt the dock west of Wangshu Inn, head to Wangsu Inn teleport waypoint and then glide west.
Fishing Location in the broken bridgeIn the middle of broken bride between Guli Plains and Mingyun Village.
Fishing Location in Luhua PoolLuhua Pool, teleport to the domain and glide up to the location.
Fishing Location in Koseki VillageKoseki Village, Seirai Island east of Statue of the Seven. This is the best place for fishing Rusty Koi