Golden Koi

Fish Golden Koi
Golden Koi
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFake Fly Bait


A large fish said to be the descendant of dragons.
With the horn on its head and its scaleless form clad as if in golden armor, it looks every bit like a king underwater. In truth, its bloodline and behavior could not be more different from that of a dragon — it can neither call forth the wind and rain nor the power of domination and is actually often the victim of food-snatching due to its weak character. A real shame, of course, that it looks so very majestic. As such, it lost the nickname “Descendant of Dragons,” and is now termed the “False Dragon” instead.

Golden Koi Fishing Location

Fishing Location in Stormbearer MountainsStormbearer Mountains, water body near teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in West of Wangshu InnAt the dock west of Wangshu Inn, head to Wangsu Inn teleport waypoint and then glide west.
Fishing Location in the broken bridgeIn the middle of broken bride between Guli Plains and Mingyun Village.
Fishing Location in Luhua PoolLuhua Pool, teleport to the domain and glide up to the location.
Fishing Location in Koseki VillageKoseki Village, Seirai Island east of Statue of the Seven. This is the best place for fishing Rusty Koi