Sweet Flower Medaka

Fish Sweet Flower Medaka
Sweet Flower Medaka
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFruit Paste Bait


A lively, energetic fish famous for its petal-shaped tail.

It might be because this fish has a sweet tooth, but every bone in its body seems to serve as an antenna to seek out sweet treats. Following this absolute ideology, they swim through every creek and river in Teyvat in search of tasty sweets. True egalitarians, they will never reject any morsel, and certainly not because there’s a hook attached. Have bait, will bite, as they say.

Beginner friendly.

Sweet Flower Medaka Fishing Locations

MapFish in the area
Fishing Location in Dihua Marsh
Dihua Marsh, West of Statue of the Seven
Dihua Marsh, west of Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven.
Fishing Location in Qingce Village
Qingce Village
East of Qingce village teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in West of Wangshu Inn
West of Wangshu Inn
At the dock west of Wangshu Inn, head to Wangsu Inn teleport waypoint and then glide west.
Fishing Location in the broken bridge
Broken Bridge East of Guili Plains
In the middle of broken bride between Guili Plains and Mingyun Village.
Fishing Location in Mt Aocang
Mt Aocang, in front of Cloud Retainer Abode
Mt Aocang, next to Cloud Retainer Abode
Fishing Location East of Mt Hulao
East of Mt Hulao
Head to Mt Hulao teleport waypoint then glide down to east. You can also teleport to Azhdaha domain then walk northeast.
Fishing Location in Luhua Pool
Luhua Pool
Luhua Pool, teleport to the domain and glide up to the location.