Tea Colored Shirakodai

Fish Tea Colored Shirakodai
Tea Colored Shirakodai
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFalse Worm Bait


A gentle, elegant butterflyfish variant. It has a lovely, streamlined dorsal fin, and has the nickname “Queen of the Waters.”

Tea-colored patterns swirl around this inquisitive fish that seems strongly interested in everything around it. Unfortunately, its method of expressing interest in anything is to have a nibble to see if it can be eaten. This isn’t a malicious move by any means, but it has landed this species in hot water many times all the same.

Tea Colored Shirakodai Fishing Locations

Tea Colored Shirakodai will only spawn between the hours of 06:00 – 18:00, based on in-game time.

MapFish in the area
Fishing Location East of MondstadtEast of Mondstadt, head to teleport waypoint outside Mondstadt for faster acess
Fishing Location South of MondstadtCider lake, teleport to Springvale teleport waypoint for faster acess.
Fishing Location in Stormbearer MountainsStormbearer Mountains, water body near teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in WindriseWindrise, south of Statue of the Seven.
Fishing Location near Dawn WinerySmall island near Dawn Winery. Teleport to Ridge Watch domain and walk north to reach this location fast.
Fishing Location South Side of Stormterrors LairSouth side of Stormterror Lair
Fishing Location in DragonspineSmall lake in Dragonspine, northwest of Starglow Cavern teleport waypoint. There’s brazier in fishing location so you don’t have to worry about sheer cold.