Venomspine Fish

Fish Venomspine Fish
Venomspine Fish
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity


A swift, fierce fish with spiny fins whose spiny mouth can pierce the current when it swims at full speed. Its capabilities have earned it the nicknames “The Cutter” and “Hard-To-Get.”

The Venomspine Fish’s most well-known trait is its poisonous spines, which contain a neurotoxin that is fatal to smaller prey but proves far weaker against large organisms, mostly only causing mild confusion or hallucinations.

“Fill ‘er up, Rex, my good lad! Fill ‘er up to the brim for big brother!” — A certain fisherman from Liyue who was accidentally pricked.

Venomspine Fish Fishing Locations

Venomspine Fish will only spawn between the hours of 18:00 – 06:00 based on in-game time.

MapFish in the area
Fishing Location East of Mondstadt
East of Mondstadt
East of Mondstadt, head to teleport waypoint outside Mondstadt for faster acess
Fishing Location South of Mondstadt
South of Mondstadt
Cider lake, teleport to Springvale teleport waypoint for faster acess.
Fishing Location in Stormbearer Mountains
Stormbearer Mountains
Stormbearer Mountains, water body near teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in Windrise
Windrise, south of Statue of the Seven.
Fishing Location near Dawn Winery
Near Dawn Winery
Small island near Dawn Winery. Teleport to Ridge Watch domain and walk north to reach this location fast.
Fishing Location in Dragonspine
Small lake in Dragonspine, northwest of Starglow Cavern teleport waypoint. There’s brazier in fishing location so you don’t have to worry about sheer cold.