Padisarah Location and Farming Routes

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A holy and noble plant. The conditions for growth in it’s environtment are very demanding. The flower buds can be processed to make valuable spices.

Padisarah is new local specialty coming with Genshin Impact 3.0 update. This local specialty have light purple color and can be found around the city: on the side of street, garden, etc.

For now, Padisarah only used for 2 things: To cook one of new Sumeru recipe Tachin, and as ascension material for today upcoming character: Nilou.

Based on Nilou explanation, current Padisarah is only replica of original Padisarah which dissepear completely with the death of Goddess of Flower. Greater Lord Rukkhadevhata create replica to honor her deceased friend.

Here’s come locations where you can find Padisarah:

NPC Jut in Grand Bazaar, Sumeru City

NPC Jut in Sumeru City Grand Bazaar
NPC Jut in Sumeru City Grand Bazaar

Jut sell 5 Padisarah, refreshed every 3 days. If it’s your first time talking to him, by choosing proper dialog options Jut will give you 4 Padisarah for free. You can find him in Sumeru Bazaar, near Nilou stage.


For Padisarah in Alcazarzaray, you can start from teleport waypoint with red circle then make your way to the city. Make sure to keep an eye around garden in this area.

Padisarah Location in Alcazarzaray

Sumeru City

In Sumeru City, usually admin start from north teleport waypoint, exploring the area, then continue with southern teleport waypoint. After that, in the middle of the city. You can find Padisarah in the city garden, mainly near blacksmith, alchemy table, and shop.

Padisarah Farming in Sumeru City


Vanarana is area accesible after finishing second part of Aranyaka world quest series.

Padisarah in Vanarana

Pardis Dhyai

Padisarah in Pardis Dhyai can be found in city garden area. Always start from teleport waypoiny near city gate for earier exploration.

Padisarah in Pardis Dhyai

North of Yasna Monument

Located near old Vanarana, specifically north of Yasna Monument. You can find 3 Padisarah in this area. Be careful because this plant located next to Eremites camp and some fungi enemies.

Padisarah North of Yasna Monument