Gilded Scale

Material Gilded Scale Type Material
Category Talent Level Up
Rarity 5 Star Rarity

Item Description

Scaled armor that grows naturally over mystical stone, tough and silent, and filled with the strength of the dragon king.

Across the years as countless generations returned to the mulch of the earth, gold and obsidian embedded themselves into flesh and blood forged from bedrock before spreading and turning into scales.

Searing agony, wordless cries… perhaps they will all vanish when the grudges that spawned them, too, finally come to an end.


This material are used for leveling up character talents and skills. Specifically for talents and skill higher than level 6.

Where to Get Gilded Scale ?

Azhdaha - Beneath The Dragon Queller
Azhdaha – Beneath The Dragon Queller

This talent up material is obtainable from Azhdaha: Beneath the Dragon-Queller Weekly challenge level 70 and higher. That’s around Adventure Level 40+. As for drop rate, it’s around 33% since there’s 3 kind of talent up materials dropped from Beneath the Dragon-Queller: Gilded Scale, Bloodjade Branch, and Dragon’s Lord Crown.

Who Needs Gilded Scale for Their Skill?

None of the released characters use Gilded Scale for their talents for now, will be updated after new character release.