Dragon Lords Crown

Material Dragon Lord's CrownTypeMaterial
Rarity5 Star Rarity
DescriptionHorns created from hardened jade crystallized over a thousand years are the natural crown of the dragon king.

Infused with spirit and carved from bedrock, it was born from the mountain’s heart to show the strength of the earth to the land amidst monoliths, and its long golden horns are the mark of its ancient strife with an ancient lord.

For a time, this horn was shattered and lost its luster, but now it gleams cold and gold as it sits in your palm.

What is Dragon Lords Crown used for in Genshin Impact?

This material are used for leveling up character talents and skills. Specifically for talents and skill higher than level 6.

Where to Get Dragon Lords Crown ?

This talent up material is obtainable from Azhdaha: Beneath the Dragon-Queller Weekly challenge level 70 and higher. That’s around Adventure Level 40+.

As for drop rate, it’s around 33% since there’s 3 kind of talent up materials dropped from Azhdaha: Dragon Lords Crown, Bloodjade Branch, and Gilded Scale.

Who Needs Dragon Lords Crown for Their Skill?

Dragon Lords Crown is used to level talents for the following characters:

  Character EulaEula  

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