Guide to Prosperity

Guide to Prosperity
Guide to Prosperity
CategoryTalent Level Up Material
Rarity2 Star

Guide to Prosperity is an item used for leveling up talents and skills of characters in Genshin Impact. This material have 3 star (StarsStarsStars) rarity and 3 of this talent material can be crafted through alchemy to Philosophies of Prosperity which have higher rarity (StarsStarsStarsStars).

In Game Description

Prosperity is the pursuit of the Land of the Earth. Prosperity is the promise made by Liyue to its children: To repay the hard-working laborers with enough gold to brighten up this land.

Where to Find Guide to Prosperity?


This talent material can be farmed in Taishan Mansion, Liyue every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Taishan Mansion is Pyro based domain full with Pyro slimes and some other pyro based monsters. It’s recommended to bring character with elements counter like electro, hydro, and cryo.

Taishan Mansion
Taishan Mansion Locations


You can also get Guide to Prosperity by combining 3 Teachings of Prosperity through crafting table. It’s recommended to use Xingqiu when you are crafting talent up material since there’s chance to get some of your material back or even double the result.

Talents Up Teachings Of Prosperity3x Teachings of Prosperity175


Character KeqingCharacter NingguangCharacter QiqiXiao
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