Shard of A Foul Legacy

Childe Boss Shard of a Foul Legacy Type Material
Category Talent Level Up
Rarity 5 Star Rarity

Item Description

The shard of a weapon that you obtained from defeating Childe, who had unleashed the might of his Delusion.
It is stained with a profound color that is not of this world, no doubt due to the land of endless darkness that the young boy saw with his own two eyes.
Perhaps it has nothing to do with the power of a Delusion, but as they say, the weapon reflects its user…


This material are used for leveling up character talents and skills. Specifically for talents and skill higher than level 6.

Where to Get Shard of a Foul Legacy ?

Childe Golden House Challenge
Childe – Golden House Challenge

This talent up material is obtainable from Golden House Challenge level 70 and higher. That’s around Adventure Rank 40+. As for drop rate, it’s around 33% since there’s 3 kind of talent up materials dropped from Childe: Shard of A Foul Legacy, Shadow of the Warrior, and Tusk of Monoceros Caeli.

Who Needs Shard of a Foul Legacy for Their Skill?

Shard of a Foul Legacy is used to level talents for the following characters:

Diona Character Tartaglia Hu Tao