Silver Raven Insignia

Material Silver Raven InsigniaSilver Raven Insignia Category Material
Rarity 2 Star
Source Treasure Hoarders Lv 40+

Silver Raven Insignia Item Description

A raven insignia used by members of the Treasure Hoarders to identify each other. The Treasure Hoarders ask for no resume. Anyone who has an insatiable desire for treasure and is backed up by an equal amount of courage can become a worthy member.

Silver Raven Insignia Usage for Ascension

Treasure Hoarder Insignia are used widely for character ascension and weapon upgrade material. Here’s all characters that require Treasure Hoarder Insignia as ascension material:

Beidou Bennett Character Kaeya Character Xinyan

And here’s all weapon that require Treasure Hoarder Insignia as ascension material:

Bow Prototype CrescentPrototype Crescent Bow MessengerMessenger Catalyst Sacrificial FragmentsSacrificial Fragments Catalyst Wine And SongWine and Song Catalyst Emerald OrbEmerald Orb Claymore The UnforgedThe Unforged Claymore WhiteblindWhiteblind
Claymore Skyrider GreatswordSkyrider Greatsword Polearm Vortex VanquisherVortex Vanquisher Polearm Crescent PikeCrescent Pike Sword Primordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade Cutter Sword Sword Of DescensionSword Of Descension Sword Lion's RoarLion’s Roar Sword Fillet BladeFillet Blade

How to Get Silver Raven Insignia?

This material can be obtained by defeating members of Treasure Hoarders level 40 or higher. More information please read: Treasure Hoarders Locations and Farming

Also obtainable from alchemy crafting table by combining 3 Treasure Hoarder Insignia.

Material Mora
Material Treasure Hoarder Insignia3x Treasure Hoarder Insignia 25

When crafting, it’s recommended to use Sucrose who have passive chance to double the result of common material crafting.

Astable Invention (Passive) When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% chance to obtain double the product.