Forging Starsilver
Main CategoryMaterial
Sub CategoryForging Material
DescriptionA rare and precious ore formed by the unique geographical conditions and Ley Lines of Dragonspine.

Usage: Weapon Forging

Starsilver are used to forge craftable weapons, fine enhancement stone, and warming bottle which is specific item for Dragonspine region.

Here’s all weapons that require this ore in the making:

Polearm Dragonspine SpearDragonspine SpearCatalyst FrostbearerFrostbearerClaymore Snow Tombed StarsilverSnow Tombed Starsilver

Farming Tips

Breaking stalsilver deposit is much easier with claymore user like Noelle and Diluc, we all know about that. But if you have Zhongli, he will help a lot. Zhongli elemental skill, Dominus Lapidis can break multiple stalsilver deposits with one attack.

This will help you to farm stalsilver much faster. Don’t have Zhongli? Invite your friend who have Zhongli with co op mode.

Another character that can be useful in stalsilver farming is Ningguang. Her passive skill: Trove of Marvelous Treasures can help you detect ore deposit location in minimap.

Why is it important? Considering that Stalsilver blend pretty well with Dragonspine environtment and kinda hard to notice unless you are close with the deposit itself.

Starsilver Location Map in Dragonspine

This new ore was introduced with release of Dragonspine region. This ore is unique and can only be found in Dragonspine. Just like any other ore like Crystal Chunk or White Iron Chunk, player will need claymore to break starsilver ore deposit easily.

Yes player can use other melee weapon user like sword or polearm, but it will take too long and won’t be as effective as claymore.

Here’s full map of Dragonspine with all Stalsilvers location (tap to zoom):

Starsilver Farming Routes in Dragonspine
Starsilver Farming Routes in Dragonspine

It’s easier to farm Starsilver in the edge of the map. Teleport to nearby teleport waypoint and farm starting from closest route.

The red marked route is my personal farming route back when I was still farming for this ore. Why just few routes? Because you won’t need that many Starsilver and farming in outer map is more than enough.