Teachings of Gold

Teachings of Gold
Teachings of Gold
CategoryTalent Level Up Material
Rarity2 Star

Teachings of Gold is an item used for leveling up talents and skills of characters in Genshin Impact. This talent level up material have 2 star rarity (2 Star) and 3 of this talent up material can be crafted through alchemy to Guide to Gold which have higher rarity (3 Star).


Gold is the symbol of the Land of the Earth.

Gold is the blood flowing deep under the land of Liyue, is the muscles that pump Liyue’s heart, and the bones that make Liyue stand proud.

Where to Get Teachings of Gold?

This talent level up material can be farmed in Taishan Mansion, Liyue every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Taishan Mansion is Pyro based domain full with Pyro slimes and some other pyro based monsters. It’s recommended to bring character with elements counter like electro, hydro, and cryo.

Taishan Mansion
Taishan Mansion Location


BeidouCharacter XingqiuCharacter Xinyan Character Yanfei
Character Zhongli ––