Knowing when or where material available to farm is important thing in Genshin Impact, considering every weapon and talent skill materials available in different day.

By knowing when certain material available, player can manage the usage of their daily resin for optimal result. Here’s detail about all materials available in Genshin Impact. Including talent up material, character ascension material, weapon upgrade material, etc:

Talent and Skill Up Material

Talents and Skill Up material are materials that used to level up character talent and skill level from level 1 to 10: Talent books from domain, material from weekly bosses, special material from event, etc.

Talents Up Philosophies Of FreedomFreedomTalents Up Philosophies Of ProsperityProsperityTalents Up Philosophies Of ResistanceResistanceTalents Up Philosophies Of DiligenceDiligenceTalents Up Philosophies Of BalladBalladTalents Up Philosophies Of GoldGold

More information please read:

List of All Talent Level Up Material in Genshin Impact

Weapon Ascension Material

Monday, Thursday, Sunday

Material Tile Of Decarabian's TowerTile of Decarabian’s TowerMaterial Debris Of Decarabian's CityDebris of Decarabian’s CityMaterial Fragment Of Decarabian's EpicFragment of Decarabian’s EpicMaterial Scattered Piece Of Decarabian's DreamScattered Piece of Decarabian’s Dream
Material Luminous Sands From GuyunLuminous Sands From GuyunMaterial Lustrous Stone From GuyunLustrous Stone From GuyunMaterial Relic From GuyunRelic From GuyunMaterial Divine Body From GuyunDivine Body From Guyun
Material Coral Branch Of A Distant SeaCoral Branch of a Distant SeaMaterial Jeweled Branch Of A Distant SeaJeweled Branch of a Distant SeaMaterial Jade Branch Of A Distant SeaJade Branch of a Distant SeaMaterial Golden Branch Of A Distant SeaGolden Branch of a Distant Sea
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Material Boreal Wolf's Milk ToothBoreal Wolf’s Milk ToothMaterial Boreal Wolf's Cracked ToothBoreal Wolf’s Cracked ToothMaterial Boreal Wolf's Broken FangBoreal Wolf’s Broken FangMaterial Boreal Wolf's NostalgiaBoreal Wolf’s Nostalgia
Material Mist Veiled Lead ElixirMist Veiled Lead ElixirMaterial Mist Veiled Mercury ElixirMist Veiled Mercury ElixirMaterial Mist Veiled Gold ElixirMist Veiled Gold ElixirMaterial Mist Veiled Primo ElixirMist Veiled Primo Elixir
Material Narukami WisdomNarukami’s WisdomMaterial Narukami's JoyNarukami’s JoyMaterial Narukamis AffectionNarukami’s AffectionNarukami's ValorNarukami’s Valor
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Material Fetters Of The Dandelion GladiatorFetters of The Dandelion GladiatorMaterial Chains Of The Dandelion GladiatorChains of The Dandelion GladiatorMaterial Shackles Of The Dandelion GladiatorShackles of The Dandelion GladiatorMaterial Dream Of The Dandelion GladiatorDream of The Dandelion Gladiator
Material Grain Of AerosideriteGrain of AerosideriteMaterial Piece Of AerosideritePiece of AerosideriteMaterial Bit Of AerosideriteBit of AerosideriteMaterial Chunk Of AerosideriteChunk of Aerosiderite
Mask of the Wicked LieutenantMask of the Wicked LieutenantMaterial Mask Of The Tigers BiteMask of the Tigers BiteMaterial Mask Of The One HornedMask of the One HornedMaterial Mask Of The KijinMask of the Kijin

Character Ascension Material

Ascension Gems and Elite Boss Material

ElementAscension GemsBoss MaterialSource
Brilliant Diamond SliverBrilliant Diamond SliverBrilliant Diamond FragmentBrilliant Diamond FragmentBrilliant Diamond ChunkBrilliant Diamond ChunkBrilliant Diamond GemstoneBrilliant Diamond GemstoneQuest, AR Level up rewards
Element AnemoAnemoVayuda Turquoise SliverVayuda Turquoise SliverVayuda Turquoise FragmentVayuda Turquoise FragmentVayuda Turquoise ChunkVayuda Turquoise ChunkVayuda Turquoise GemstoneVayuda Turquoise GemstoneHurricane SeedHurricane Seed      Anemo Hypostasis
Element CryoCryoShivada Jade SliverShivada Jade SliverShivada Jade FragmentShivada Jade FragmentShivada Jade ChunkShivada Jade ChunkShivada Jade GemstoneShivada Jade GemstoneHoarfrost CoreHoarfrost CoreCryo Regisvine
Element ElectroElectroVajrada Amethyst SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverVajrada Amethyst FragmentVajrada Amethyst FragmentVajrada Amethyst ChunkVajrada Amethyst ChunkVajrada Amethyst GemstoneVajrada Amethyst GemstoneLightning PrismLightning PrismElectro Hypostasis
Element GeoGeoPrithiva Topaz SliverPrithiva Topaz SliverPrithiva Topaz FragmentPrithiva Topaz FragmentPrithiva Topaz ChunkPrithiva Topaz ChunkPrithiva Topaz GemstonePrithiva Topaz GemstoneBasalt PillarBasalt PillarGeo Hypostasis
Element HydroHydroVarunada Lazurite SliverVarunada Lazurite SliverVarunada Lazurite FragmentVarunada Lazurite FragmentVarunada Lazurite ChunkVarunada Lazurite ChunkVarunada Lazurite GemstoneVarunada Lazurite GemstoneCleansing HeartCleansing HeartOceanid
Element PyroPyroAgnidus Agate SliverAgnidus Agate SliverAgnidus Agate FragmentAgnidus Agate FragmentAgnidus Agate ChunkAgnidus Agate ChunkAgnidus Agate GemstoneAgnidus Agate GemstoneEverflame SeedEverflame SeedPyro Regisvine
Random gems from all aboveJuvenile JadeJuvenile JadePrimo Geovishap

Local Specialties

MondstadtCalla LilyCalla LilyDiona Character Kaeya
CeciliaCeciliaAlbedo Character Venti
Dandelion SeedDandelion SeedCharacter Jean
Philanemo MushroomPhilanemo MushroomBarbara Character Klee Character Mona
Small Lamp GrassSmall Lamp GrassAmber Diluc Fischl
ValberryValberryCharacter Lisa Character Noelle Character Rosaria
Windwheel AsterWindwheel AshterBennett Anemo Traveler Geo Traveler  Character Sucrose
WolfhookWolfhookCharacter Razor
LiyueCor LapisCor LapisChongyun Character Keqing Character Zhongli
Glaze LilyGlaze LilyCharacter Ningguang
Jueyun ChiliJueyun ChiliCharacter Xiangling
Noctilucous JadeNoctilucous JadeBeidou
QingxinQingxinGanyu Xiao
Silk FlowerSilk FlowerCharacter XingqiuHu Tao
Character Tartaglia
Character Qiqi Character Xinyan
InazumaSpecialty Crystal MarrowCrystal Marrow
Characters Sayu
Specialty DendrobiumDendrobium
Specialty Naku WeedNaku Weed
Characters Yoimiya
Specialty OnikabutoOnikabuto
Specialty Sea GanodermaSea Ganoderma
Kaedehara Kazuha - Genshin Impact
Specialty Sakura BloomSakura Bloom
Kamisato Ayaka - Genshin Impact

Common Material

Mirror MaidenMaterial Dismal PrismDismal Prism
Material Crystal PrismCrystal PrismMaterial Polarizing PrismPolarizing Prism
Ruin SentinelsMaterial Chaos GearChaos GearMaterial Chaos AxisChaos AxisMaterial Chaos OculusChaos Oculus
NobushiMaterial Old Handguard
Old Handguard
Material Kageuchi Handguard
Kageuchi Handguard
Material Famed Handguard
Famed Handguard
Abyss MageMaterial Dead Ley Line Branch  Dead Ley Line BranchMaterial Dead Ley Line LeavesDead Ley Line LeavesMaterial Ley Line SproutsLey Line Sprouts
Fatui AgentsMaterial Hunter's Sacrificial KnifeHunter’s Sacrificial KnifeMaterial Agent's Sacrificial KnifeAgent’s Sacrificial KnifeMaterial Inspector's Sacrificial KnifeInspector’s Sacrificial Knife
FatuiMaterial Recruit's Insignia  Recruit’s InsigniaMaterial Sergeant's InsigniaSergeant’s InsigniaMaterial Lieutenant's InsigniaLieutenant’s Insignia
Fatui Cicin MagesMaterial Mist Grass PollenMist Grass PollenMaterial Mist GrassMist GrassMaterial Mist Grass WickMist Grass Wick
MitachurlsMaterial Heavy HornHeavy HornMaterial Black Bronze HornBlack Bronze HornMaterial Black Crystal HornBlack Crystal Horn
HillchurlsMaterial Damaged Mask Damaged MaskMaterial Stained MaskStained MaskMaterial Ominous MaskOminous Mask
SamachurlsMaterial Divining Scroll  Divining ScrollMaterial Sealed ScrollSealed ScrollMaterial Forbidden Cursed ScrollForbidden Cursed Scroll
Hillchurl Shooters Material Firm ArrowheadFirm ArrowheadMaterial Sharp ArrowheadSharp ArrowheadMaterial Weathered ArrowheadWeathered Arrowhead
Ruin Guard, Ruin Hunter, and Ruin GraderMaterial Chaos DeviceChaos DeviceMaterial Chaos CircuitChaos CircuitMaterial Chaos CoreChaos Core
WhopperflowersMaterial Whopperflower NectarWhopperflower NectarMaterial Shimmering NectarShimmering NectarMaterial Energy NectarEnergy Nectar
GeovishapsMaterial Item Fragile Bone Shard  Fragile Bone ShardMaterial Sturdy Bone ShardSturdy Bone ShardMaterial Fossilized Bone ShardFossilized Bone Shard
Treasure HoardersMaterial Treasure Hoarder InsigniaTreasure Hoarder InsigniaMaterial Silver Raven InsigniaSilver Raven InsigniaMaterial Golden Raven InsigniaGolden Raven Insignia
SlimesMaterial Slime Condensate  Slime CondensateMaterial Slime SecretionsSlime SecretionsMaterial Slime ConcentrateSlime Concentrate

Forging Material


Ore Crystal ChunkCrystal ChunkOre Iron ChunkIron ChunkOre Magical Crystal ChunkMagical Crystal ChunkOre StarsilverStarsilver
Ore White Iron ChunkWhite Iron ChunkForge Vitalized DragontoothVitalized DragontoothMaterial Amethyst LumpAmethyst Lump


Prototype Northlander Bow BilletNorthlander Bow BilletPrototype Northlander Catalyst BilletNorthlander Catalyst BilletPrototype Northlander Claymore BilletNorthlander Claymore BilletPrototype Northlander Polearm BilletNorthlander Polearm BilletPrototype Northlander Sword BilletNorthlander Sword Billet