Chubby The Traveling Salesman – NPC Furniture Shops

Housing system is the latest feature available in Genshin Impact right now.

Starting with collecting materials, buying blueprints from NPC in the city, and interacting with Tubby the teapot spirit. Traveler can build and customize house of their own.

Traveler have acess to many features by interacting with Tubby, such as increasing Trust rank, craft new furnishing, and earn realm currency with accumulation based on level.

Realm Currency Accumulation Rank

Humble Abode Rank Have 8 Hour Accumulation Rate
Humble Abode Rank Have 8/Hour Accumulation Rate

After earning realm currency, traveler can spend it on Tubby Realm Depot or hold it until weekend for Chubby, the traveling merchants.

Level Adeptal Energy Needed Realm Currency Accumulation
Bare-Bones 0 4/hour
Humble Abode 2000 8/hour
Cozy 3000 12/hour
Queen -Size 4500 16/hour
Elegant 6000 20/hour
Exquisite 8000 22/hour
Extraordinary 10000 24/hour
Stately 12000 26/hour
Luxury 15.000 28/hour
Fit for a King 20.000 30/hour

Chubby the Traveling Salesman

Chubby Marked With Brown Colored Teapot
Chubby Marked With Brown Colored Teapot
Chubby The Traveling Salesman
Chubby The Traveling Salesman Only Appear on Friday to Monday

Chubby the traveling salesman who also known as Jade Seeker will only appear in the realm on Friday to Monday following server reset time.

If traveler didn’t have anything important to buy from Tubby Realm Depot, it’s recommended to spare few hundred coins for Chubby who might have something interesting to buy.

Here’s all items available from Chubby The Traveling Salesman wares:

Item Name Price Stock
Animal Azure CraneAzure Crane 100 1
Black-Back HoundBlack-Back Hound 100 1
Animal Forest BoarForest Boar 100 1
Forest-Patrol HoundForest-Patrol Hound 100 1
Furnishing Jade-Eyed CatJade-Eyed Cat 100 1
Animal Northland CatNorthland Cat 100 1
Animal Northland HoundNorthland Hound 100 1
Sheriff CatSheriff Cat 100 1
Animal ShibaShiba 100 1
Animal Tiger-Striped CatTiger-Striped Cat 100 1
Furnishing Sub Space Boulder: Craggy CanopySub-Space Boulder: Craggy Canopy 40 6
Furnishing Sub Space Boulder: Palace Steps5x Sub-Space Boulder: Palace Steps 40 6
Furnishing Sub Space: Boulder Refined BeautySub-Space Boulder: Refined Beauty 40 6
Furnishing Sub Space Boulder: Rocky BulwarkSub-Space Boulder: Rocky Bulwark 40 6
Furnishing Sub Space Boulder: Slumbering StratusSub-Space Boulder: Slumbering Stratus 40 6
Furnishing Sub Space Boulder: Verdant PeakSub-Space Boulder: Verdant Peak 40 6

Find The Salesman in Your Friends Realm

Other than their own housing realm, traveler also can find the traveling salesman in other realm. Go visit your friend realm for more options of things to buy with your realm currency.

Buy more pets, furnishing, rocks, etc. You can also help your friend in return, giving them more options of wares to buy.