Dream Solvent

Material Dream SolventDream SolventItem TypeMaterial
Rarity4 Star
Item CategoryConversion Item


An item capable of changing Character Level-Up Materials obtained from memories and trials into whatever form is needed.

People once believed that spirits and memories had some material form. If someone dreamed of heaven before waking up clutching a flower, then that blossom must have been made from such a fantasy. Dream Solvent dissolves that which is obtained from memory and transforms it into some other dream.

Indeed, blows traded with the strong are stepping stones towards becoming stronger yourself.


Dream Solvent can only be used to transmute talent up material from the same boss.

For example, Tail Of Boreas from Wolf of North boss can only be transmuted to Spirit Locket of Boreas and Ring of Boreas. Shard of A Foul Legacy from Childe Golden House Domain can only be transmuted to Shadow of the Warrior, and Tusk of Monoceros Caeli, and so on.


Weekly Boss Stormterror DvalinStormterror Challenge Lv 70+Stormterror Dvalin's ClawDvalin’s ClawStormterror Dvalin's PlumeDvalin’s PlumeStormterror Dvalin's SighDvalin’s Sigh
Weekly Boss Andrius Wolf Of NorthWolf of North Challenge Lv 70+Wolf Boss Ring Of BoreasRing Of BoreasWolf Boss Spirit Locket Of BoreasSpirit Locket Of BoreasWolf Boss Tail Of BoreasTail Of Boreas
Weekly Boss ChildeGolden House Challenge Lv 70+Childe Boss Shadow Of The WarriorShadow Of The WarriorChilde Boss Shard Of A Foul LegacyShard Of A Foul LegacyChilde Boss Tusk Of Monoceros CaeliTusk Of Monoceros Caeli
Azdaha Challenge Lv 70+Bloodjade BranchBloodjade BranchDragon Lords CrownDragon Lords CrownGilded ScaleGilded Scale

How to Get Dream Solvent?

This material can be obtained from compeleting trounce domain/weekly bosses and Wolf of North Challenge