Leisure Device: On the Pulse

Leisure Device On the Pulse
Leisure Device: On the Pulse
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item Category
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy90


Tubby created this furniture combination with great care out of an Activation Plate and two Target Ranges. Interact with the Activation Plate to start an archery game or to check game records.

Once the game has started, the balloons that must be destroyed will appear within the two Target Ranges. Use this combination of mechanisms in close concert with other furnishings inside your abode to design various custom Bullseye Balloons maps similar to those featured in the Windblume Festival.

Tubby has never gone to Mondstadt during the Windblume Festival, but a passing bard did once tell her about the festivities and brought her some special mementos from the event. To think that she’d be able to recreate a Mondstadt classic based on this smattering of news and objects — as one might expect of a most knowledgeable teapot spirit.

How to get Leisure Device: On the Pulse?

Leisure Device: On the Pulse can be purchased from Riches of the Realm tab in Realm Depot for 300 realm currency.