Realm Depot – All Items For Sale in Serenitea Pot

Realm Depot in Serenitea Pot is a shop which can be acessed through dialogue with Tubby The Teapot Spirit. All items available in realm depot can be purchased with realm currency.

Realm Depot Serenitea Pot
Realm Depot

There’s 3 tab available within realm depot with all items available for sale below:

Realm Treasures

Containing valuable items which require certain Trust Rank for every item. Realm Treasures tab refreshes every week.

Item NamePrice (realm currency)StockRequired Trust Rank
5x Fabric10502
Transient Resin120016
Hero’s Wit120208
Mystic Enhancement Ore60408
10.000 mora120208
Sanctifying Essence36058
Sanctifying Unction90208


Furnishings tab refreshed daily. It’s recommended to at least buy daily Vial of Adeptal Speed to speed up your furnishings creation.

Item NamePrice (realm currency)Stock
Vial of Adeptal Speed105
Fragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack603
Blooming Hedge803
Ordinary Garden Hedge803
Furnishing Concealing Leaves803
Green Fountain803
Crystalfly’s Perch803
Southern Sweetleaves803
Brightcrown Plumebush803
The Color of the Wind803
Silversand Coconut Tree803
Whitesand Coconut Tree803
Tianheng Red Maple Branches Aflame803
Peculiar Knotwood Tree803
Yellow Sandbearer Tree803
Hiding Grazestone803
Recreation Stone803
Unmoving Kingstone803
Ashen Stone803
Sartorial Stone803
Moss-Covered Stone803
Stratus-Cloud Stone803
Stepping Stone803
Unprecedentedly Average Stone803
Mature Cuihua Tree803
Cuihua Sapling803
Furnishing Tall Birch803
Birch Sapling803
Furnishing Golden Knotwood Tree803
Green Knotwood Tree803
Amber Knotwood Tree803
Furnishing Amber Irontrunk Tree803
Golden Irontrunk Tree803
Green Irontrunk Tree803
Furnishing Qingce Heronleaf Bamboo803
Furnishing Qingce Skysail Bamboo803
Furnishing Qingce Jadestone Bamboo803
Overgrown Wildvest403
Hazel Wildvest
Wine-Red Wildvest403
Furnishing Moonlight Stone803
Furnishing Sunset Stone803
Furnishing Scorched Stone803
Goldchime Stone803
Goldbud Stone803
Summer Solstice Rock803
Formation Rock803
Dainty Fists803
Chasm’s Doorstep803
Parched Stone803
Golden Pearlroot Tree803
Amber Pearlroot Tree803
Withered Pearlroot Tree803
Green Pearlroot Tree803
Profuse Smokeleaf403
Furnishing Vivacious Smokeleaf403
Profuse Lacquerleaf403
Vivacious Lacquerleaf403
Profuse Awlking403
Vivacious Awlking403
Luscious Bloom403
Verdant Bloom403
Meadow Bloom403
Gemini Verdance403
Gemini Jasmine403
A Seat in the Wilderness803
Hunter’s Vantage803
Prey’s Cloak of Refuge803
Verdurous Feast803
Verdurous Waiter803
Adeptus Amber: A Striking Sight1203
Adeptus Amber: Trespassers Beware1203
Forceful Tea Pine403
Verdant Ancient803
Flower's First Blushing Bloom803
Doves the World Over Repose Seeking803
The Precious Pink of Spring803
The Red Kite's Walking and Sleeping803
The Wandering Bird Within803
Sappan and Vermillion Enjoined803
Thoughts Beyond the Pale803
The Bellflower Bids the Gloom Farewell803
The Aster's Sigh803
Melancholy the Dewgrass Shadowing803
Of Promises Unkept the Night Flowers Speak803
Trees of Azure Jade803
Through White Foam the Jade Butterfly Soars803
Scarlet Scented Fan Dance803
A Thousand Petals of Red Glaze803
Between Nine Steps1203
Meditation Stone403
Wading Stones403
Hot Spring Whitestone Secret Fire803
Weeping Stone803
Ardent Cinnabar803
Sub Space Boulder Sky Range803
Sub Space Boulder Solitude803
Sub Space Boulder Seat of Mist803
Sub Space Boulder Floating Precipice803
Seal of the Provisional Head Priestess803
Of Fields Green Border of Dreams803
Of Fields Green Starflower Fence803
Of Fields Green Smoky Labyrinth803
Of Fields Green Fluttering Color803
Of Fields Green Kitty Waiter803
Of Fields Green Velvet Chaperone803

Furnishing Blueprints

Containing blueprints, this tab didn’t refresh

Item NamePrice (realm currency)Stock
Outdoor Pine Round Table801
Wooden Restaurant Signboard801
Pine Dining Chair801
Well-Worn Sword801
Mounted Record Board801
Straw Hut801
Straw Depot801
Furnishing Straw Shed801
Doorless Pine Cupboard801
Long Pine Table801
Fir Shelves801
Fir Weapon Rack801
Messy Pile of Fir Crates801
Neat Stack of Fir Kegs801
Simple Cargo Cart801
Heavy Hay Bale801
Storage Sack Buzz-Off Bag801
Old Well801
Weathered Bamboo Fence801
Smooth Wooden Bench801
Smooth Stone Bench801
Timber Wall With Jade Eaves1601
Dark Wood Arch Wall1601
Traditional Cedar Flooring1601
Colorful Checkered Tile1601
Checkered Cedar Ceiling1601
Dark Checkered Ceiling1601
Two-Tier Candle Chandelier1601
Eight-Sided Lantern Lucky Day1601
Six-Sided Lantern: Harmony in Friendship1601
Night of the Party Pumpkins1601
Favonius Office Table1601
Favonius Conference Table1601
Long Table With Tablecloth1601
Red Cedar Round Table1601
Northern Stone Hearth1601
Clear Blue Afternoon1601
Unwavering Determination1601
Red Pine Wood Round Stool1601
Trusty Portable Lamp1601
Sturdy Birch Vanity1601
Mondstadt Rug Crimson Ardor1601
Mondstadt Rug: Tireless Search1601
Rally Banner1601
Pure Spirit Banner1601
Neat Stack of Books1601
Scholar's Weariness1601
Etiquette of Correspondence1601
Exquisite Hourglass Ornament1601
Flower Arrangement: Baby Blue Tranquility1601
Potted Plant: Crystalline Breeze1601
Potted Flower: Fragrant Facade1601
Alchemic Device: Between Fire and Water1601
Alchemic Component Burden of Dust1601
Potted Plant Petite Perrenial1601
Golden Triple-Arm Candelabrum1601
Breeze-Blessed Bed1601
Cloudy Haze Bed1601
Large Birch Wardrobe1601
Birch Double Drawer Nightstand1601
Gold-Lined Sandbearer Nightstand1601
Gold-Lined Sandbearer Wardrobe1601
Seashell Table Lamp1601
Furnishing Bustling Sundry Stand1601
Real Deal Fruit Stand1601
Open-Air Workshop2401
Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart1601
Country Home With Tall Attic1601
Traveling Merchant North of the Stone Gate1601
Roll-Roofed Fruit and Vegetable Cart1601
Liyue House Solitary Retreat1601
Heavy Fir Forging Table1601
Large Stone Mill1601
Furnishing Hardwood Weapon Rack1601
Sturdy Stone Well1601
Wine Jar With Bamboo Casing: Spirits Awaiting Moonrise1601
Potted Plant: Verdant Vastness1601
Fruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest Bounties1601
Wine Shop Display Counter: To Your Heart's Content1601
Crude Double-Decker Pallet1601
Farmer's Scarecrow1601
Fruit Seller's Caution1601
Fruit Seller's Toil1601
Wooden Hilichurl Fence801
Hilichurl Totem Fence801
Hilichurl Archery Target1601
Hilichurl Horned Pot1601
Furnishing Bamboo Outdoor Tea Table1601
Water-Retaining Flower Beds1601
Lush Grapevine1601
Wrought Iron Carved Street Light1601
Evil-Repelling Lantern All-Around Lighting1601
Four Corners Lantern: Amity From Afar1601
Shadow Lamp: Painted Shadow1601
Soft Lounge Sofa2401
Economy Cuihua Bookshelf2401
Archivist’s Treasure Trove2401
Birch Main Courtyard Gate2401
Carved Courtyard Fence Ending2401
Carved Courtyard Fence2401
Wing House Dawn & Dusk2401
Pavilion: Stargazer’s Shelter2401
Scenic Corridor Sylvan Stroll2401
Courtyard Wall: Spring and Autumn Splendor2401
Wall Corner: Fragrant Nook2401
Courtyard Wall All in a Row2401
Courtyard Wall: Peace Across2401
Main Entrance: Gateway to the Clouds2401
Perimeter Wall: Scenic Archway2401
Embroidered Lantern Lofty Grandeur2401
Furnishing Embroidered Curtains2401
Furnishing Silk Curtains Fetching the Sanguine Sky2401
Furnishing Floral Screen Jade and Gold2401
Furnishing Thundering Heavens Drum2401
Furnishing Tasseled Lantern Deck the Streets2401
Lantern-Lit Stage Crescendo2401
Half-Constructed Fence801
Tall Wooden Pole801
Temporary Work Quarters801
Wood Bundle801
Rainproof Fir Cargo Container1601
Countryside Tea Stand1601
The Adventurers Treasures1601
Stone Cup-Shaped Pool1601
Glazed Porcelain Tea Set Embracing Truth1601
Gift Set Amidst Poetic PonderingBlueprint: Amidst Poetic Pondering2401
Gift Set Amidst Whispering WindsBlueprint: Amidst Whispering Winds2401
Gift Set Feiyun Study RoomBlueprint: Feiyun Study Room2401
Gift Set Cloudy Haze Dream-CourtBlueprint: Cloudy Haze Dream-Court2401
Gift Set Secret Research LabBlueprint: Secret Research Lab2401
Gift Set Cottage KitchenBlueprint: Cottage Kitchen2401
Gift Set Weapon Forging StationBlueprint: Weapon Forging Station2401
Idyllic Town Gift SetBlueprint: Idyllic Town2401
Bird And Blossom Park Gift SetBlueprint: Bird and Blossom Park2401
Gathering of Gourmets Gift SetBlueprint: Gathering of Gourmets2401
Glittering Street Gift SetBlueprint: Glittering Street2401
Gift Set Qingce Cloud ResidenceBlueprint: Qingce Cloud Residence2401
Gift Set Of Hunting and DancingBlueprint: Of Hunting and Dancing2401
Gift Set Iter Ad Astra AbyssosqueBlueprint: Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque2401
Dawn Orchard Gift SetBlueprint: Dawn Orchard2401
Furnishing Otogi Wood Ramen Stand1601
Furnishing Three Reaches Bright 160 1
Whitestone Meichuu Standing Lamp 160 1
Otogi Meichuu Standing Lamp 160 1
Furnishing Foundation of Stone Path of Cultivation 160 1
Furnishing Foundations of Stone Timely Arrival 160 1
Furnishing Foundations of Stone Double Time 160 1
Furnishing Maple Wood Vaulted Wall 160 1
Furnishing Maple Wood Square Ceiling 160 1
Furnishing Brown Maple Flooring1601
Furnishing Veranda Corner Pavilion's Watch2401
Furnishing Inazuman Mansion As One2401
Furnishing Inazuman Workshop Exhaustive Regularity1601
Furnishing Inazuman Home Routine Dimensions1601
Inazuman Workshop Multipurpose1601
Inazuman Home Clanking Metal 160 1
Inazuman Workshop Sweetness Sought 160 1
Inazuman Home Irreplaceable Foresight 160 1
Furnishing Inazuman Official Residence Forcefulness2401
Camp Watchtower Viewport160
Furnishing Camp Tent Timely Tactics2401
Camp Dwelling Shoring Up 160 1
Camp Gate Fealty 160 1
Encampment Fence Jagged Teeth 160 1
Encampment Fence Decisive Judgement 160 1
Encampment Fence Honing Goad 160 1
Furnishing Shrine Hall Gentle Wishes2401
Furnishing Shrine Annex Pleased to Serve 2401
Furnishing Shrine Corridor Sakura Dusted Path 2401
Furnishing Shrine Corridor Vermillion Gaze 2401
Furnishing Estate Reception Prim and Proper 240 1
Furnishing Estate Gate Windy Doors 240 1
Furnishing Estate Corridor Onward With Ease 240 1
Furnishing Estate Courtyard Corner Measured Harmony2401
Furnishing Estate Storehouse We Have Reserves2401
Furnishing Estate Courtyard Wall Stoneguard2401
Furnishing Estate Courtyard Wall Harmonious Corner2401
Estate Courtyard Wall: Hidden Boundary2401
Furnishing Estate Wall Corner Old City Palisade2401
Yumemiru Juunen Street Lamp1601
Aralia Renzou Street Lamp1601
Narukami's Banner1601
Camp Bow Rack Fletching1601
Camp Spear Rack Point Break1601
Red Iron Coral1601
Glowstone Parasol1601
Otogi Rikuyou Wooden Barrel801
Village Well Underground Spring1601
Kyuukou Otogi Flower Terrace1601
Sanzai Otogi Flower Terrace1601
Henji Aralia Noticeboard801
Replica Ancient Otogi Keg801
Teahouse Vessel Scent Sealer1601
Teahouse Cushion Night Woven801
Cast in Clay1601
The Essential Vase1601
A Favor Returned1601
Common Cast Iron Stove1601
Hyoutei Stacked Aralia Wood Boxes1601
Teahouse Lamp Light Concealed1601
Maple Wood Lamp Light Fragrance1601
Maple Wood Floor Lamp Clarity1601
Court Lantern Lingering Majesty1601
Court Lantern Thundering Heart1601
Maple Wood Chandelier Illume1601
Teahouse Counter Toshimaru1601
Teahouse Round Stool Pain Point Reduction801
Furnishing Painted Vision Of Mountains and Skies Distant2401
Furnishing Painted Vision Stunning Waters2401
Aralia Bangaku Shelf1601
Aralia Fusen Cupboard1601
Yumemiru Dewcover Wardrobe1601
Maple Wood Ritual Drum Festive Music1601
Maple Wood Ritual Drum A Great Din1601
Furnishing Teahouse Folding Screen Hidden Heart of Gold2401
Yumemiru Decorum Kimono Rack1601
Furnishing Ancestral Sword Rack Four Core Principles2401
Furnishing Hatamoto Armor Eijin Genkou2401
Furnishing Yumemiru Jukaku Folding Screen2401
Furnishing Yumemiru Cold and Warmth Kotatsu2401
Evil Slaying Bows1601
Spiritchaser Screen1601
Divine Nose Kitsu Kitsu Daruma1601
True Cookery Nuki Nuki Daruma1601
Yumemiru Sakura's Rest Bed1601
Whitestone Hot Spring Diffusing Warmth1601
Hot Spring Folding Screen Moderation1601
Hot Spring Outer Wall No Vaulting1601
Hot Spring Wall Well Grounded1601
Sekijou Aralia Tea Table1601
Hot Spring Foyer Shelter from the Cold1601
Village Well Subterranean Secrets1601
Wakeful Spring
Blueprint: Wakeful Spring
Military Exercise Grounds
Blueprint: Military Exercise Grounds
Eternal Domain of Fleeting Dreams
Blueprint: Eternal Domain of Fleeting Dreams
A Thousand Swings
Blueprint: A Thousand Swings
Of Maple and Tea Scents Entwined
Blueprint: Of Maple and Tea Scents Entwined
Lingering Moment2401
Of Fields Green Cookie Road1601
Foundations of Stone Fortunate Times1601

Riches of The Realm

Item NamePrice (realm currency)Stock
Furnishing A Path Of Value Jade Field3002
Furnishing A Path Of Value Luxuriant Glebe3002
Furnishing A Path Of Value Orderly Meadow3002
Sub Space Waypoint10010
Leisure Device Rhytmic Sprinter3001
Speedy Rhythm Verdance3001
Speedy Rhythm Ultramarine3001
Speedy Rhythm Antler Brown3001
Speedy Rhythm Mellow Mauve3001
Euphonium Unbound Soaring3001
Euphonium Unbound Winding3001