Narukami’s Banner

Narukami's Banner
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryLandscape
Adeptal Energy60


This is known as the “Electro Mitsudomoe, the emblem bestowed upon Her Excellency’s vanguard, the Tenryou Commission.” Banners with the Raiden Shogun‘s house-crest on them are the heart and soul of her army’s morale. That these banners can be found everywhere in the Kujou Encampment is no big deal. Just consider the Shogun’s army a multi-faceted organization or something.

It is said that the Shogun’s army have a rule that no matter how crushing the defeat or grievous the losses, the banner of the Shogun must never fall into enemy hands. When this banner is carried on before into the battle, a Yoriki of exceptional skill is usually assigned to protect the banner. Fortunately for everyone involved, the resistance’s unusual tactics have never extended to targeting these banners. Perhaps it is simply a matter of tacit courtesy between the two opposing sides.

How to get Narukami’s Banner?

Blueprint of Narukami’s Banner can be purchased from Realm Depot for 160 realm currency.

After getting the blueprint, you can craft this furnishing using these following materials:

Material 1 Material 2Material 3Crafting Time
Material Fabric
8x Fabric
Material Red Dye
4x Red Dye
Material Blue Dye
4x Blue Dye
14 hours

Gift Set

Narukami’s Banner is part of Military Exercise Grounds gift set.