Of Fields Green: Smoky Labyrinth

Of Fields Green Smoky Labyrinth
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryCourtyard
Adeptal Energy20


A shrub fence corner of the garden known as “Of Fields Green.” When combined with the tall Starflower Fences, they can be used to form verdant mazes suitable for guiding guests through different parts of your courtyard and inviting them to linger upon sights that they would otherwise easily miss.

“Of Fields Green” draws inspiration from wonderlands in fairy tales. Many such stories will guide children towards finding wonderful things that are hidden in plain sight, which they do without care for the effort expended. Walking through such a courtyard may bring such memories of youth to mind…

How to get Of Fields Green: Smoky Labyrinth in Genshin Impact?

Of Fields Green: Smoky Labyrinth for housing can be purchased from Furnishings tab in Realm Depot for 80 realm currency.