The Wandering Bird Within

The Wandering Bird Within
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryLandform
Adeptal Energy20


A lush Amur Maple crowned with brownish-red leaves, and whose extended branches and leaves very much resemble the migratory wild geese that come flying here from the lands of harsh winter.

Though the Amur Maple is a native species to Liyue that was brought to Inazuma, these trees have taken on unique characteristics due to the soil and water of their new home, as has unique culture grown up around them. The golden-red maple leaves of Liyue represent the harvest to be wealth, and are considered to be auspicious signs.

In Inazuma, however, the maple leaves are a melancholy reminder of summer’s passing and winter’s arrival, and they have become symbols of sorrow often found in poems that tell of old friends missed.

How to get The Wandering Bird Within in Genshin Impact?

The Wandering Bird Within for housing can be purchased from Furnishings tab in Realm Depot for 80 realm currency.

Gift Set

The Wandering Bird Within is part of Military Exercise Grounds gift set.