Toy Stand: Dazzling Delights

Blueprint Toy Stand Dazzling Delights
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryLandscape (Exterior)
Rarity3 Star
Adeptal Energy60


A stand with a variety of interesting toys on display, the most popular of which are the kites.

Legend has it that the Millelith once used kites to deliver messages and even used large-scaled kites to transport heavier freight items. As a result, kids who were relatively light and still unable to use wind gliders were required to obtain the consent of their parents before flying a kite to avoid any potential mishaps.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has expressly stipulated that flying kites is strictly forbidden in Feiyun Slope and Yujing Terrace.

How to Get Toy Stand Dazzling Delights Furnishing?

Blueprint of this furnishing can be obtained from Adeptal Mirror Round 1, and can be crafted with these following materials:

Material 1Material 2Material 3Crafting Time
Housing Fir Wood4x Fir WoodHousing Bamboo Segment4x Bamboo SegmentMaterial Fabric4x Fabric14 hours