Weapon Forging Station

Gift Set Weapon Forging Station
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryGift Set
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy500


A fully-equipped blacksmith’s that can accommodate the work of many smiths at once to produce the greatest number of high-quality weapons or repair damaged weaponry most efficiently.

As long as monsters still exist on this continent and the wayfaring footsteps of adventurers do not cease, weapons and equipment will always be in demand. To meet this demand, smiths must be trained over many long years, and given that some duds will be produced during this training, it can be quite a huge expense. As such, blacksmiths will at times be strapped for cash, during which the Knights of Favonius will try to secure orders for them to help maintain their quality of life. Rumor has it that a certain farsighted winery owner has also provided some timely injections of capital in the past.

List of Furnishings

Fir Weapon Rack3x Fir Weapon RackMature Cuihua Tree1x Mature Cuihua TreeHeavy Fir Forging Table1x Heavy Fir Forging TableFir Shelves1x Fir ShelvesOpen-Air Workshop1x Open-Air Workshop
Hardwood Weapon Rack2x Hardwood Weapon RackOvergrown Wildvest1x Overgrown WildvestLong Pine Table1x Long Pine TableOld Well1x Old WellDainty Fists1x “Dainty Fists

Companion Favors

This furnishing set is favored by the following companions:

BennettDilucDionaCharacter Noelle

How to Get Gift Set Weapon Forging Station?

Blueprint of this gift set can be obtained from Realm Depot for 240 realm currency.