Weeping Stone

Weeping Stone
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryLandform
Adeptal Energy20


These rugged, reddish-brown stones are often used to decorate courtyards.

The name “Weeping Stone” comes from a nameless song – the elderly Yoriki lived as a hermit in the mountains for many years, with naught but orioles for company. But one day, the Yoriki received a letter from afar, and reading it he threw on his armor, took up his sword, and left in a hurry. The orioles would await the Yoriki’s return upon the rockery outside the house for many days, but he never returned, and they knew not his fate until a friend came by one day to pack up his belongings – only then did they learn that he had departed to hunt the Tatarigami but had been slain on the front lines.

From that day forth, the orioles would weep blood, and their tears would stain the rockery red. When people who greatly respected the Yoriki came forward to pay their respects, the orioles were gone, and the blood-red rockery they left behind was named the “Weeping Stone.”

How to get Weeping Stone in Genshin Impact?

Weeping Stone for housing can be purchased from Furnishings tab in Realm Depot for 80 realm currency.