“Witchs Chorus”

Furnishing Witchs Chorus
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryLandscape (Exterior)
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy90


A phonograph created using mysterious technologies that can store sounds.

This phonograph seems to have been invented by a certain witch. It is of excellent quality, fears neither wind nor rain, and even scoffs at the erosion brought by sea salt. No matter the rhythmic complexity of the orchestration, it will play every last note from every last instrument with absolute clarity.

How to Get Furnishing Witchs Chorus?

Blueprint of this furnishing can be obtained from Mini Harpastum shop during Midsummer Island Adventure. After obtaining the blueprint, you can craft this furnishing using these following materials:

Material 1Material 2Material 3Crafting Time
Housing Cuihua Wood4x Cuihua WoodOre Iron Chunk4x Iron ChunkOre White Iron Chunk4x White Iron Chunk16 hours