27 Viewpoint Locations in Liyue (+ Chasm)

26 locations of Liyue viewpoints in Genshin Impact, including newly released Chasm. Before Chasm release, we have 17 viewpoints in Liyue and with Chasm we have 9 more viewpoint to get.

All screenshots of these viewpoints can be  acessed through Menu –> Archive –> Geography –> switch dropdown to Liyue.

Where Merchants Flock And All Ships Dock, Liyue Harbor

Located a bit northwest of teleport waypoint near Liyue Harbor entrance.

Feiyun Slope, Liyue Harbor

You can find this viewpoint right after the bridge.

Chihu Rock, Liyue Harbor

Can be found in the street near blacksmith.

Yujing Terrace, Liyue Harbor

You can find this spot on top of Bubu Pharmacy building. To reach this place, simply glide from Mt. Tianheng teleport waypoint.

Vigilant Guardians’ Vantage Point, Wangshu Inn

On the bridge south of Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven, near broken caravan.

Marsh of Rustling Reeds, Dihua Marsh

Can be found south of Stone gate teleport waypoint. Located behind anemo mechanism just like in image.

Ruins of Guili, Guili Plains

South of Guili Plains teleport waypoint.

A Home in the Hills, Qingce Village

Where Mountains Peak Beyond the Clouds, Jueyun Karst

Located near Taishan Mansion domain. Camp of Treasure Hoarders located next to it.

Moonlit Tree, Nantianmen

You can reach this spot by gliding from Qingyun Peak. It’s also located near Azhdaha domain.

Mist-Veiled Stone Forest, Huaguang Stone Forest

Head to Qingyun peak teleport waypoint then head down to the stone platform. It’s located right in front of Moon Carver stone inscription.

Weeping Garden, Luhua Pool

You can find this spot near Luhua Pool teleport waypoint, on tree stump with pile of books around it.

A Drop in the Ocean, Guyun Stone Forest

Head to teleport waypoint near the spot then walk east until you’ve reach the cliff. After that, head down one level and you can find viewpoint spot right there.

Beyond the Chasm, The Chasm

Can be found in the area before Chasm Entrance.

Dunyu Ruins, Dunyu Ruins

Located north of Lingju Pass, overlooking Dunyu Ruins.

Qingxu’s Forsaken Tower, Qingxu Pool

Go to nearest teleport waypoint then head down to the spot, overlooking Qingxu Pool.

Nine Pillars of Peace, Cuijue Slope

Located at Cuijue Slope entrance.

View from The Chasm’s Surface: The Chasm

Can be found right after Chasm entrance.

Mouth of the Great Mine, The Chasm’s Maw

Located on top of rock with 3 Qingxin on it, overlooking Underground Mine entrance.

The Ancient Battlefield of Fuao Vale, The Chasm

The Underground Mines, The Chasm: Underground Mines

The Blocked Path, Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel

Underground Waterway, Underground Waterway

Crystal Fragment, Stony Halls

The Inverted City, Nameless Ruins

The Great Mushroom’s Place, The Glowing Narrows

If viewpoint spot didn’t appear, try to start quest with Xamaran (the mushroom) first.

The Court of Pillars: The Chasm: Underground Mines

Located in the last ruin where you can find Celestial Pillar. Require to complete Zhiqiong quest: Valors Afterglow.

Just head to teleport waypoint in the area and viewpoint mark will visible from there.