We Will Meet Again

We Will Meet Again is a 4 star Light Cone of The Nihility path. This light cone artwork featuring Silver Wolf from Stellaron Hunters and Screwllum from Genius Society, both confirmed playable character in the future.

PathThe Nihility
Rarity4 Star
SourceNameless Honor

Superimposition – A Discourse in Arms

After the wearer uses Basic ATK or Skill, the wearer deals 48/60/72/84/96% of ATK as additional DMG to a random enemy that is attacked by abilities.

Light Cone We Will Meet Again
Light Cone We Will Meet Again

We Will Meet Again Description

She had once thought it was some sort of program. How else would it never tire?
But a program would never actively discard the optimal solution and bypass her trap.

“Seems like we’ll have a war of attrition.”
She yawns.

“Time to sleep. Organic lifeforms should treasure rest.”
The surroundings dim.

She suddenly bolts awake, but the residues of data are swept away and destroyed. It all seems like a dream
— but the taste of defeat is very real.

We Will Meet Again Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material required to upgrade this light cone from level 1 to 80: