Memento Lens

Item Memento Lens
Memento Lens
Item CategoryGadget
Rarity4 Star

Item Description

They say that in the distant past, the legendary Kitsune Saiguu left a catalyst for the then-Hiiragi Clan head, Hiroshi, as a tool to be used in exorcisms.

The Hiiragis would have a special Kamera made to order from overseas with that catalyst mounted on its lens assembly, before giving it back to the Grand Narukami Shrine as a symbol of their friendship.


Equip it from inventory and use this gadget to observe earth kitsune (small kitsune) statue. It will reveal hidden things or past events.

This gadget will only works on earth kitsune statue with blue glow in their body. It can shows image of past event, reveal chest, reveal something hidden, investigation point, etc.

You will need this Memento Lens mostly on your journey during Sacred Sakura Cleansing world quest:

  • Sacrificial Offering: to reveal 3 sacred words from past events.
  • Cleansing Defilement: to unlock the way to underground shrine in 2 locations: Araumi and underground shrine near Kamisato Estate area.

You will also need this gadget to unlock mechanism or reveal something during your search of Electroculus in Inazuma.

How to get Memento Lens gadget?

This gadget can be obtained from Inagi Hotomi at Grand Narukami Shrine during Sacrificial Offering world quest.

Obtain Memento Lens by talking to Hotomi at Grand Narukami Shrine
Obtain Memento Lens by talking to Hotomi at Grand Narukami Shrine