Tatara Tales 7 Days World Quest Series

Tatara Tales World Quest
Tatara Tales World Quest

Tatara Tales is world quest series containing all quest for 7 days related to Mikage Furnace within Tatarasuna in Kannazuka Island, Inazuma.

Finishing first day quest will open the barrier that covering Tatarasuma area and finishing the whole quest clearing Tatarigami energy in the area

Tatara Tales (Day 1)

During your way to Kannazuka Statue of the Seven, you might encounter Miyuki and Toranosuke at the Kujou Encampment. Approaching them will start this quest automatically. Talk to both of them and one of them will ask you to met Xavier.

Observe Mikage Furnace

Talk to Xavier and he will give you long explanation about what happened in Tatarasuna. After you are agree to help, then he will ask you to Observe 3 locations in Mikage Furnace:

  1. For first location, you will have to defeat Fatui Electrohammer Vanguard, Fatui Anemoboxer Vanguard, and Fatui Cryogunner Legionnaire.
  2. For second location, chase Electro Seelie in the area in order to get “Investigate” interraction.
  3. For third location, you will have to use electrogranum from Thunder Sakura Bough in the area to break the barrier and investigate the rift.

Report back to Xavier about what you’ve found during your investigation. Based on what you’ve reported, he decide that we need to destroy barrier that covering Tatarasuna.

Destroy The Rifts in Tatarasuna using Kamuijima Cannon

Xavier will give you map to locate 3 Kamuijima Cannon in Kannazuka. Here’s location of all 3 cannons:

3 Kamuijima Cannon locations in Kannazuka
3 Kamuijima Cannon locations in Kannazuka

To use Kamuijima Cannon, you will need to take electrogranum from Thunder Sakura Bough in the area. After that, you can charge Kamuijima Cannon with electro energy.

Aim cannon to the rift and destroy it. Don’t worry, you can repeat this step until you get the hang of it. After that, use the other Kamuijima Canon to destroy 2 other rifts.

By finishing this part, barrier covering Tatarasuna will be gone and now you can explore the area for some Electroculus, chest, material, etc.

Kamuijima Canon Charged With Electro Energy
Kamuijima Canon Charged with electro energy

You can also use southernmost Kamuijima Cannon to open the way to Shakkei Pavilion domain. More details, read: How to Unlock Shakkei Pavilion Domain.

After you’ve destroy all 3 rifts, report back to Xavier. But you will find that Fatui is attacking him, defeat them and talk to Xavier.

He then will ask you to take a picture of Storage Device in Mikage Furnace. Go to designated area and take the picture. Remember to use picture from Paimon Menu, not using Kamera gadget.

Report to Xavier. First part done, continue to Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation (Day 1).

Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation (Day 1)

Talk to Xavier and he will ask you to place 3 beacons in Tatarasuna. After you are done, go back and report to Xavier. Quest done, continue to day 2.

Tatara Tales: Purification Device (Day 2)

In day 2 he will ask you to gather Crystal Marrow, A crystal that contains a sliver of Tatarigami power.

Specialty Crystal Marrow
Crystal Marrow

You can find Crystal Marrow in the riverbank area in Tatarasuna or in the remains of Great Serpent (Yoshiori Island). more details please read: Crystal Marrow Farming Locations.

After back, give 3 Crystal Marrow to Xavier. Quest done, continue to day 3.

Tatara Tales: Data Collection (Day 3)

Day 3, Xavier will ask tou to retrieve beacons you’ve set up in Tatarasuna for collecting data. After you are done, go back and report to him. Continue to day 4.

Tatara Tales: Process Is Everything (Day 4)

Day 4, Xavier will ask you to take picture of the situation at the Mikage Furnace. You need to get 2 pictures in 2 different marked locations:

  • Somewhat Clear Image: An image showing the lowest level of the Mikage Furnace.
  • Rather Foggy Image: An image showing the area around the Mikage Furnace.

Remember, take the picture using camera from Paimon menu and not kamera gadget from inventory.

After you are done taking 2 pictures, report back to Xavier. Continue to day 5

Tatara Tales: Functional Test (Day 5)

Day 5 Xavier will ask you to gather 3 Onikabuto, a purple colored beetle that inhabits areas rich with Electro energy.

Specialty Onikabuto

More about Onikabuto, please read: Onikabuto Locations and Farming Guide

After you’re done with gathering 3 Onikabuto, give it to Xavier. Quest done, continue to day 6

Tatara Tales: Final Preparations (Day 6)

Day 6, Xavier will ask you to repair some paths in Mikage Furnace area. First you will need to grab some planks in marked location. Be careful because some Fatui will spawn the time you’ve reach the place.

After that you need to repair 2 paths. You can just repair and ignore the enemy when they’re spawned. After that, go report back to Xavier. Continue to day 7.

Tatara Tales: The Last Act (Day 7)

Checking the Purification Device

In the last day, both of you and Xavier will go inside Mikage Furnace area. After early checking, Xavier realize that he need some missing components. Proceed to explore the area and find all 3 components. You might have to fight some Fatui during your search.

Head to the deeper part of Mikage Furnace to conduct final checking. In this phase, some Fatui will appear to disrupt Xavier work. Defeat them and talk to Xavier for the next step.

Defend the Purification Device

Now head to bottom of Mikage Furnace and activate the purification devices. After it’s activated 2 wave of Fatui will appear:

  • First Wave: Fatui Cicin Mage, Hydrogunner, Cryogunner.
  • Second Wave: 2 Fatui Pyro Agents and Fatui Mirror Maiden.

You might want to prepare some buff food so you can clear this part faster, because aside of fighting enemies you will also have to defend purification device.

Tatara Tales Ending

Report To Toranosuke
Report to Toranosuke and claim your rewards

After you’ve defeat all enemies, cutscene of purification process will popped out. At this part, you’ve done all hard part of this whole 7 days quest.

Talk to Xavier and then head to the top of Mikage Furnace to check if the whole area has been purified, after that met Toranosuke at Kujou Encampment to receive your rewards including Square Yumemiru Stool.