Elegy for The End

Rarity5 Star Rarity
How to getWish
Base Attack46
SubstatsEnergy Recharge
PassiveThe Parting Refrain
5Star Elegy Of The End
Elegy For The End

A part of the “Millennial Movement” that wanders amidst the winds. Increases Elemental Mastery by 60/75/90/105/120. When the Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts of the character wielding this weapon hit opponents, that character gains a Sigil of Remembrance. This effect can be triggered once every 0.2s and can be triggered even if said character is not on the field.

When you possess 4 Sigils of Remembrance, all of them will be consumed and all nearby party members will obtain the “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” effect for 12s. “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” increases Elemental Mastery by 100/125/150/175/200 and increases ATK by 20%. Once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Remembrance for 20s. Of the many effects of the “Millennial Movement,” buffs of the same type will not stack.

Elegy For The End In Game Description

A bow as lovely as any bard’s lyre, its arrows pierce the heart like a lamenting sigh.

How to Get Elegy For The End?

Elegy of The End can be obtained from Windblume festival event weapon banner. Usually coming along with Venti banner.

Elegy For The End Weapon Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material used to upgrade Elegy for The End:

LevelMora MoraAscension MaterialMaterial 1Material 2
Level 2010.000Material Boreal Wolf's Milk Toothx5Material Heavy Hornx5Material Slime Condensatex3
Level 4020.000Material Boreal Wolf's Cracked Toothx5Material Heavy Hornx18Material Slime Condensatex12
Level 5030.000Material Boreal Wolf's Cracked Toothx9Material Black Bronze Hornx9Material Slime Secretionsx9
Level 6045.000Material Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangx5Material Black Bronze Hornx18Material Slime Secretionsx14
Level 7055.000Material Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangx9Material Black Crystal Hornx14Material Slime Concentratex9
Level 8065.000Material Boreal Wolf's Nostalgiax6Material Black Crystal Hornx27Material Slime Concentratex18