Heavy Horn

Material Heavy HornHeavy HornCategoryMaterial
SourceMitachurls and Lawachurls

Item Description

A crude horn used by hilichurls to warn each other. Given the damage to the horn, it won’t be warning anyone any time soon.

Usage: Character and Weapon Ascension

This material are used widely for weapon ascension or upgrade material. Here’s all weapon using Heavy Horn as ascension material:

 Bow Elegy For The EndElegy For The EndBow The StringlessThe StringlessBow The Viridescent HuntThe Viridescent HuntBow Raven BowRaven BowCatalyst Favonius CodexFavonius CodexCatalyst Royal GrimoireRoyal Grimoire 
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  Sword Festering DesireFestering DesireSword Royal LongswordRoyal LongswordThe Alley FlashThe Alley FlashSword Cool SteelCool Steel  

Where to Get Heavy Horn?

This ascension material can be obtained by defeating all types of Mitachurls and Lawachurls.