Bitter Pufferfish

Fish Bitter Pufferfish
Bitter Pufferfish
Main CategoryFishing
Rarity3 Star Rarity
BaitFake Fly Bait


A rare pufferfish variant. As the name suggests, this creature spreads bitterness wherever it goes in the underwater world. Its water cannon projectiles are slower and smaller than those of its ordinary counterparts, but the power of such attacks is undiminished due to the incredibly bitter pheromones within. During their courtship phase, an observer might bear witness to the curious sight of males and females of this species blasting each other with these water cannons. Perhaps passing on the bitterness of life is also a manifestation of love.

Bitter Pufferfish Fishing Location

Fishing Location South of MondstadtCider lake, teleport to Springvale teleport waypoint for faster acess.
Fishing Location near Dawn WinerySmall island near Dawn Winery. Teleport to Ridge Watch domain and walk north to reach this location fast.
Fishing Location in Qingce VillageEast of Qingce village teleport waypoint.
Fishing Location in RitouRitou, at the docks
Fishing Location in Nazuchi Beach ShipwreckNorth of Nazuchi Beach ship wreckage.