Narukawa Ukai

Narukawa Ukai
Narukawa Ukai
Main CategoryFishing
Item TypeGadget
Rarity4 Star
Affected RegionInazuma


If you can stay within the Ideal Tension Zone while fishing, this rod will shorten the time in which fish will struggle by a stable amount and increase your chances of success. This effect only works in Inazuma.

How to Get Narukawa Ukai?

You can purchase this fishing rod from Kujirai Momiji in Narukami Island, Inazuma.

Kujirai Momiji Location
Kujirai Momiji Location in Inazuma

Here’s all fish you need to buy Narukawa Ukai:

20x Medaka 20x Glaze Medaka 20x Lunged Stickleback 20x Purple Shirakodai