Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing is a 4 Star Light Cone of The Abundance path. It’s artwork featuring Luocha, mysterious traveler with cofffin who met Sushang and Dan Heng in the story.

PathThe Abundance
Rarity4 Star
SourceStellar Warp

Superimposition – Refraction of Sightline

Increases the wearer’s Effect RES by 16/20/24/28/32% and increases Outgoing Healing by an amount that is equal to 33/36/39/42/45% of Effect RES. Outgoing Healing can be increased this way by up to 15/18/21/24/27%.

Light Cone Perfect Timing
Light Cone Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing Description

On a bustling street he walks and walks. The sunlight closely follows his footsteps.

He makes a stop and picks up an umbrella to shade himself from the sun …and from that prying gaze.

Perfect Timing Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material required to upgrade this light cone from level 1 to 80: