Yougou Cleansing

Yougou Cleansing is last part of Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. Previous quest is Cleansing Defilement.

Yougou Cleansing Quest Walkthrough

Report Back to Kazari

You can find Kazari in Konda underground shrine (First quest, A Strange Story in Konda location)

Talk To Kazari In Konda Underground Shrine
Talk to Kazari in Konda Underground Shrine

Head to the opening at Mt. Yougou: The Depths and talk to Kazari

She will talk about purifying corruption tumor directly and then she will open the barier covering the area. By opening this barier, you now have acess to 1 Electroculus.

Fight the “Miasmic Tumor”

  • During the battle, electro damage will be dealt constantly. Use Electrograna from 2 Thunder Sakura Bough in the location.
  • Everytime you defeat Oshimusha, puzzle symbol just like in previous quest will appear. Read the pattern in the middle and solve the puzzle quickly.
  • The Miasmic Tumor will fall down. You can attack it as much as possible.
  • At certain percentage, Miasmic Tumor will lift up and summon new Oshimusha while firing multiple electro bombs.
  • Back to defeating Oshimusha, solving puzzle, and beat up Miasmic Tumor.
  • Repeat until it’s defeated

First Puzzle Of Yougou Cleansing
First puzzle of Yougou Cleansing

Second Puzzle of Yougou Cleansing
Second Puzzle of Yougou Cleansing

Third Puzzle of Yougou Cleansing
Third Puzzle of Yougou Cleansing

Talk to Kazari for One Last Time

Kazari will tell you everything about Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, about her real identity, and her reason for not being able to fight directly.

It’s conclusion of whole Sacred Sakura Cleansing quest so try to read it carefully.

Talk To Kazari For One Last Time
Talk to Kazari for one last time

Pick Up Kazari Mask

Mask Of Memories
Mask of Memories

After Kazari dissapear, pick up her mask. This mask is blueprint for craftable catalyst: Hakushin Ring.