Amidst Whispering Winds

Gift Set Amidst Whispering Winds
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryGift Set
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy900


A bedroom that embodies the idea of a “caring heart.” For busy folk, a bedroom may just be a place that contains a bed, a place where one gets a little shut-eye, and which does not require too much care. But for those with an eye for detail, every part of one’s living space is worth time and care.

Whether they be the winds of freedom or resistance, they all began as the tiniest of gentle breezes. One who travels far must take good care of themselves, and surely fatigue will slip away unnoticed if one lives surrounded by warmth and comfort.

List of Furnishings

Golden Triple-Arm Candelabrum1x Golden Triple-Arm CandelabrumSturdy Birch Vanity1x Sturdy Birch VanityRed Pine Wood Round Stool1x Red Pine Wood Round StoolFurnishing Flower Arrangement Sprawling Daybreak1x Flower Arrangement: Sprawling DaybreakPotted Plant: Crystalline Breeze2x Potted Plant: Crystalline Breeze
Mondstadt Rug Crimson Ardor1x Mondstadt Rug: Crimson ArdorSeashell Table Lamp1x Seashell Table LampSturdy Library Table1x Sturdy Library TableFavonius Office Table1x Favonius Office TableLarge Birch Wardrobe1x Large Birch Wardrobe
Exquisite Hourglass Ornament1x Exquisite Hourglass OrnamentClear Blue Afternoon1x “Clear Blue AfternoonBreeze-Blessed Bed1x Breeze-Blessed BedBirch Double Drawer Nightstand1x Birch Double Drawer Nightstand– 

Companion Favors

This furnishing set is favored by the following companions:

BarbaraCharacter EulaCharacter Noelle

How to Get Gift Set Amidst Whispering Winds?

Blueprint of this gift set can be obtained from Realm Depot for 240 realm currency.