Dodoco’s Summertime

Dodoco's Summertime
Dodoco’s Summertime
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryBuilding
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy90


“In which case, wouldn’t it be that Klee would have many companions during her adventure in the archipelago?”

“So things might get dreadfully boring if they all had to wait under separate tents in case of sudden rain.”

“And that’s why I decided to pitch an especially large tent for everyone to rest in, and add some fun little knick-knacks in for good measure.”

“And of course, the tent had to be large enough to store all the treasures they picked up during the adventure.”

“But how would they be able to move so much treasure away, if it could fill such a large tent?”

“Eh, it’ll be fine! Klee’s friends will find a way!”

According to Albedo, Ms. Alice did drop by Mondstadt shortly after the previous year’s summer adventure to discuss her though process back then.

The witch’s considerations were comprehensive indeed. As she suspected, everyone did in fact rest under this tent for quite some time, and the gadgets within provided significant entertainment while it rained or the nights grew long.

As for the large amount of treasure Klee discovered during the exploration, it took no small amount of effort to bring it all back to Mondstadt. For example, using Cryo to freeze wet ground to better push cargo along, or using Solar Isotoma to lift weights up to cross hilly terrain… One could say that the transportation process itself was quite the unique experience!

How to get Dodoco’s Summertime?

The blueprint of Dodoco’s Summertime can be purchased from Realm Depot for 240 realm currency. After obtaining the blueprint, you can craft this furnishing with this following materials:

Material 1 Material 2Material 3Crafting Time
Housing Cuihua Wood
12x Cuihua Wood
Material Fabric
6x Fabric
Material Red Dye
6x Red Dye
16 hours