Eternal Domain of Fleeting Dreams

Eternal Domain of Fleeting Dreams
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryGift Set
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy600


This bedroom is filled with a unique Inazuman aesthetic but also adopts ideas from other nations quite freely, thus striking a brilliant balance between tradition and practicality. The design process included considerations as to how guests might feel, and the room itself was designed for them to relax sufficiently, such that they will feel re-energized, as one might after a long, dreaming sleep, even after only taking a short rest. The kotatsu that has been kindly set up also contributes to feeling of never wanting to leave your room.

List of Furnishings

Yumemiru Sakura's Rest Bed1x Yumemiru “Sakura’s Rest” BedFurnishing Yumemiru Cold and Warmth Kotatsu1x Yumemiru “Cold and Warmth” KotatsuSpiritchaser Screen1x Spiritchaser Screen
Cast in Clay1x Cast in ClayRed Iron Coral1x Red-Iron CoralYumemiru Dewcover Wardrobe1x Yumemiru “Dewcover” Wardrobe
Teahouse Cushion Night Woven4x Teahouse Cushion: Night-WovenFurnishing Yumemiru Jukaku Folding Screen1x Yumemiru “Jukaku” Folding Screen

Companion Favors

This furnishing set is favored by the following companions:

Sayu Genshin Impact
Sangonomiya Kokomi
Sangonomiya Kokomi

How to Get Eternal Domain of Fleeting Dreams Gift Set?

Blueprint of Eternal Domain of Fleeting Dreams furnishing set can be obtained from Furnishing Blueprints tab in Realm Depot for 240 realm currency.