Fine Brushwork: Bowl of Blossoms

Furnishing Fine Brushwork Bowl of Blossoms
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryWall Decor (Interior)
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy90


A painting on sale at Xigu Antiques, this one features free brushstrokes that depict the charm of precious porcelain and flora in bloom most vividly.

The paintings of Liyue derive their colorful ink from the horsetails of Dihua Marsh. Others have attempted to copy this style, but were stymied by the quality of their pigments and eventually stopped trying.

Where to Get Fine Brushwork: Bowl of Blossoms Wall Decor?

Blueprint of this furnishing can be obtained from Adeptal Mirror Round 4, and can be crafted with these following materials:

Material 1Material 2Material 3Crafting Time
Housing Bamboo Segment8x Bamboo SegmentMaterial Red Dye8x Red DyeMaterial Blue Dye8x Blue Dye16 hours