“Kyuukou” Otogi Flower Terrace

Kyuukou Otogi Flower Terrace
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryOutdoor Furnishing
Adeptal Energy60


Three layers of flower beds that are placed vertically and diagonally. The type and density of flowers planted in each layer, the way the root system is pruned, the thickness of the soil used, the degree of compactness and moisture are all strictly regulated.

Only craftsmen who have been practicing ikebana for many years can accurately control these details, so that the flowers in the flower bed can maintain their color and fragrance for a long time.

How to get “Kyuukou” Otogi Flower Terrace?

Blueprint of “Kyuukou” Otogi Flower Terrace can be purchased from Realm Depot for 160 realm currency.

After getting the blueprint, you can craft this furnishing using these following materials:

Material 1Crafting Time
Housing Otogi Wood
8x Otogi Wood
14 hours