Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View

Rainbow Lights Lovely Night View
Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryLandscape
Adeptal Energy60


A uniquely-shaped lantern stand, with superbly crafted traditional lanterns hanging from it. This sight is particularly beautiful and can only be seen during the Lantern Rite Festival. After admiring the magnificent scenery, some Liyue residents still follow the tradition of walking through this gate with their families on the last day of the festival holiday, marking the beginning of a new year for the family.

How to get Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View?

Blueprint of Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View can be purchased event shop during Genshin Impact 2.4 Fleeting Colors in Flight event.

After getting the blueprint, player can craft this furnishing with following materials:

Material 1Material 2Material 3Crafting Time
Housing Sandbearer Wood
4x Sandbearer Wood
Material Fabric
4x Fabric
Material Red Dye
4x Red Dye
14 hours