Toukabou Shigure

Rarity4 Star
How to getEvent
Base Attack42
SubstatsElemental Mastery
PassiveKaidan: Rainfall Earthbinder
Toukabou Shigure
Toukabou Shigure

After an attack hits opponents, it will inflict an instance of Cursed Parasol upon one of them for 10s. This effect can be triggered once every 15s. If this opponent is taken out during Cursed Parasol’s duration, Cursed Parasol’s CD will be refreshed immediately. The character wielding this weapon will deal 16/20/24/28/32% more DMG to the opponent affected by Cursed Parasol.

In Game Description

A rather special oil-paper umbrella. While long wanderings may make one used to the wind and the rain, there might be some fun in admiring a rainy scene beneath this parasol.

How to Get Floral Rainfall?

Toukabou Shigure and it’s refinement material can be obtained from Akitsu Kimodameshi event (courage test event) in Inazuma (genshin impact 3.3)

Weapon Upgrade Materials

Here’s all material used to upgrade Floral Rainfall:

LevelMora MoraAscension MaterialMaterial 1Material 2
Level 205.000Material Narukamis Wisdomx3Damaged Prismx3Material Old Handguardx2
Level 4015.000Material Narukamis Joyx3Damaged Prismx12Material Old Handguardx8
Level 5020.000Material Narukamis Joyx6Turbid Prismx6Material Kageuchi Handguardx6
Level 6030.000Material Narukamis Affectionx3Turbid Prismx12Material Kageuchi Handguardx9
Level 7035.000Material Narukamis Affectionx6Radiant Prismx9Material Famed Handguardx6
Level 8045.000Narukami's Valorx4Radiant Prismx18Material Famed Handguardx12