Dvalin’s Claw

Stormterror Dvalin's Claw Type Material
Category Talent Level Up
Rarity 5 Star Rarity

Item Description

A claw from the Dragon of the East. As it had once torn through the flesh of the shadow dragon Durin, it used to contain his vicious poison.

However, thanks to your purification and healing, it is no longer toxic.


This material are used for leveling up character talents and skills. Specifically for talents and skill higher than level 6.

Where to Get Dvalin’s Claw ?

Dvalin Stormterror Challenge
Dvalin – Stormterror Challenge

This talent up material is obtainable from Stormterror Dvalin Weekly boss level 70 and higher. That’s around Adventure Level 40+. As for drop rate, it’s around 33% since there’s 3 kind of talent up materials dropped from Dvalin: Dvalin’s Plume, Dvalin’s Sigh, and Claw

Who Needs Dvalin’s Claw for Their Skill?

This talent level up material is used to level talents for the following characters:

Character Lisa Character Noelle Character Razor Character Xiangling