Bird and Blossom Park

Gift Set Bird And Blossom Park
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryGift Set
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy500


A Mondstadt-style park lined with lush hedgerows and sturdy trees that surround a fountain. A passing breeze is sure to carry the lovely fragrances enjoyed by finches and butterflies.

In the eyes of some poets, flowers and birds are a symbol of goodness and nature. As such, bards will sometimes sing by the fountains, which often attracts the attention of passers-by — and their various pets, of course.

List of Furnishings

Furnishing Smooth Wooden Bench3x Smooth Wooden BenchFurnishing Wrought Iron Carved Street Light1x Wrought Iron Carved Street LightMature Cuihua Tree1x Mature Cuihua TreeSmooth Stone Bench2x Smooth Stone Bench
Overgrown Wildvest2x Overgrown WildvestStone Cup-Shaped Pool1x Stone Cup-Shaped PoolBlooming Hedge4x Blooming HedgeFurnishing Bird And Blossom Design Fountain1x Bird and Blossom Design Fountain
The Color of the Wind1x “The Color of the Wind –– – 

Companion Favors

This furnishing set is favored by the following companions:

BarbaraCharacter JeanCharacter KaeyaCharacter RosariaCharacter Venti

How to Get Gift Set Bird and Blossom Park?

Blueprint of this gift set can be obtained from Realm Depot for 240 realm currency.