“Sanzai” Otogi Flower Terrace

Sanzai Otogi Flower Terrace
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryOutdoor Furnishing
Adeptal Energy60


A wooden flower bed commonly found in Inazuma City. Although the art of ikebana is not as famous as that of the tea ceremony, it is one of the most important arts in Inazuma. However, in recent times, the people do not have much spare Mora in their hands. Thus, it is difficult for craftsmen skilled in ikebana to make ends meet.

Therefore, the Yashiro Commission has applied for funds for the maintenance of public greenery and installed numerous flower beds in the city to create orders and income for the florists, thus preserving this traditional art in a legal and reasonable way.

How to get “Sanzai” Otogi Flower Terrace?

Blueprint of “Sanzai” Otogi Flower Terrace can be purchased from Realm Depot for 160 realm currency.

After getting the blueprint, you can craft this furnishing using these following materials:

MaterialCrafting Time
Housing Otogi Wood
8x Otogi Wood
14 hours